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Whiteboard - Revolutionary Coordination

Have you ever wondered why it takes so many footsteps and phone calls to find out the most basic information as a healthcare provider? It makes no sense and hinders productivity!

Banyan recognized these limitations and designed a solution to eliminate the collaboration and coordination headaches. We call it........Whiteboard.

All departmental directors, staff and providers understand the premise of that pesky Whiteboard that hangs on the wall. It is the cornerstone of care coordination. In other words, the who, what, when and why of care delivery. The idea is great, all information is in a single place so that everyone is on the same page. Have you ever witnessed the number of visits each of these grease board "islands" attract? Better yet, do you know how much it costs your business?

Banyan's Whiteboard is THE 21st century version of care coordination. Now, cross departmental information is able to be shared in real-time, saving valuable time and enabling our practitioners to focus on caring for patients, rather than answering pages and running around. 


Whiteboard is able to bring in schedules and other care delivery-related data from multiple systems to prevent the majority of manual entry. In certain cases, manual entry may be required, so Whiteboard accommodates that as well. Whiteboard is literally a blank slate for you to design. Columns, colors, content, etc., is all able to be manipulated on a per-view basis, allowing the specific access necessary for each type of user. 


If we were to examine your daily practice and keep track of the unnecessary footsteps and phone calls associated with your workflow, the number would astound you. Everyday, Physicians and staff members are chasing down information that should just be available to them at any time. When an event takes place, no matter what the department, all other impacted areas are finally able to be "in sync" by having real-time visualization in a simplistic way. If a quick text message needs to be sent to simply alert someone of a delay, you can send it directly through the system. 


With ubiquitous line of site into your business, coordination has never been easier. Resources involved in care from across the health system are able to stay in sync and operate at the top of their license. Whiteboard is the ultimate tool to streamline your business.