"Banyan was the first and only company we talked with that had the "we can solve your problem" attitude. They took our conceptual ideas and created a product that not only addressed the issue we wanted to solve, but provided even more than what we had hoped for. They think outside the box and make solutions happen. Banyan also has a tremendous service after sale attitude. They committed to making this product work for us and also stayed on site in order to make sure everyone was happy with the end result. "

Alta SharpLynn,
GIKK Ortho Specialists

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With Banyan Medical Systems' Corridor™, the integration of IT, modalities, and medical devices will begin to surpass the typical departmental and institutional boundaries, operating as a collection of interoperable solutions. Corridor is the first healthcare operating system™ that can integrate and manage timely, and accurate patient information from a single interface tying together unrelated and disparate systems in any care setting. 

True integration between modalities, IT, and devices has not been possible until now. IT uses such standards as HL7 and relies on a traditional TCP/IP architecture. Modalities use the DICOM standard and medical devices typically rely on some type of video standard. In the past, integrating these three technologies was nearly impossible. To make matters worse, video runs on different mediums and proprietary cables, and typically distance limitations.

To add further complexity, standards for healthcare technology are slow to develop. In the past, vendors have set out to build many proprietary features into their products to give them a competitive edge and force you to purchase their IT, modalities and devices in the spirit of integration. But unfortunately, often the devices, modalities, and hardware that have been purchased over the years by different departments, typically don't take into account the significance of their departmental decision on the healthcare enterprise.

Corridor minimizes the complexity of integrating multiple companies' products that were not originally designed to work with one another allowing for complete interoperability with no barriers. Corridor utilizes your existing network infrastructure and natively uses your current systems so there are no new interfaces. This also means that there are no additional databases which could potentially have mismatched data. Even better, virtually no training of staff since they are already familiar with the current systems. New components can easily be integrated into Corridor with little effort to add new functionalities. The bottom line, Corridor is a flexible, scalable solution that leverages your existing investments without costly upgrades and helps protect your institution from technology obsolescence.

Corridor brings together existing systems, which equates to several advantages including:

  • Data remains in the native source of truth, reducing the chance for errors.
  • No re-training of staff on new software.
  • Your current investments are protected from early obsolescence.
  • Complete flexibility and scalability. As needs change, Corridor can change with them.
  • Case review/Conferencing for peer to peer or faculty to student education, real-time with no physical boundaries.
  • Connect and link your organization more effectively allowing you to stay customer-focused
  • Optimize efficiency by decreasing access time to pertinent information.

Banyan Medical Systems allows you to protect infrastructure investments today and prepare for the world of convergence tomorrow. Corridor, combined with our professional services, provide seamless solutions to the health care industry's most challenging problems.