"We chose Banyan because their solution allowed for real-time, touch screen interaction with multiple applications simultaneously. No other vendor has accomplished this functionality in the market.  We are able to save countless, valuable minutes to ensure the most effective use of our resources."

Gale Wynia,
Radiology Director
Sanford USD Medical Center


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Healthcare Executives

At Banyan, our philosophy is simple: Listen to the everyday challenges of our clients and utilize our technology to solve them. 

We applied our extensive clinical and technical expertise to create some of the most impactful, relevant technology in healthcare today.  In short, as a hospital or health system executive, our technology enables your providers to operate at the "top of their license" by breaking down the barriers of access, collaboration and coordination. This, in turn, drives SIGNIFICANT ROI for your business. 

If you talk to any Physician, their challenge is the "fragmentation of care". All they ask is that ALL relevant information is available wherever they need it, whenever they need it. The recent proliferation of the EMR has offered them a nice repository for the Patient's history, but not a resolution for "in-the-moment" care delivery. That is where Banyan comes in. We are giving back to your providers some of the productivity that the EMR has taken away.