"Banyan was the first and only company we talked with that had the “we can solve your problem” attitude. They took our conceptual ideas and created a product that  not only addressed the issue we wanted to solve, but provided even more than what we had hoped for.  They think outside the box and make solutions happen.  Banyan also has a tremendous "service after the sale" attitude.  They committed to making this product work for us and stayed on site in order to make sure everyone was happy with the end result.


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Corridor Care Delivery

Banyan Medical Systems' Corridor™ is the among the most revolutionary healthcare innovations in the last 10 years. We stepped back and looked at the fundamental flaws in current care delivery models across the board. Each of these flaws fell into one of three categories: access, collaboration and coordination. For the first time ever, a technical platform exists that is able to span departments and breakdown the barriers of access, collaboration and coordination across the continuum of care. Whether you are in a procedural space, such as a surgical suite or a cath lab, or attending to a patient up on the patient floor, information should flow freely and prevent the thousands of unnecessary footsteps and phone calls that are currently preventing you from practicing medicine at the top of your license. 

This common sense approach is being rapidly adopted from hospitals and health systems both large and small. Why should you not be able to pull up any video source, IT application, educational material, etc, from wherever it is in real time, collaborate with others, and keep moving through your day? Corridor™ is the solution that enables you to do just that. 

In addition to the inherent workflow efficiency that Corridor™ enables, the platform allows our clients to better-leverage their significant human, IT and capital resources like never before. Another way to put it is that Corridor™ "brings the information to the provider, rather than forcing the provider to go find the information." This platform is the vehicle that drives innovation in care delivery models across the board. 

Corridor can help to revolutionize care delivery by:

  • Allowing access to all necessary patient information from any source within your institution to optimize efficiency by decreasing access time to pertinent information.
  • Flexibility to add new applications and devices to the platform as necessary, so you are always able to incorporate the latest technologies into your environment.
  • Streamline workflow by eliminating unnecessary footsteps and phone calls across the board.
  • Collaboration with peers and colleagues can occur real-time within your institution or with any medical professional in the world.
  • Case review and sharing is easy with peers and students due to the ease of access to comprehensive patient view.
  • Data remains in the native source of truth, reducing the chance for errors.
  • Your current investments are protected from early obsolescence.

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