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Interventional Cardiology/Electrophysiology

Why just buy a big monitor with a bunch of images on it, when you can have so much more!

When Corridor™ is applied in the interventional cardiology or EP lab, it not only enables the type of visualization flexibility that an operator would expect, but also the type of collaborative environment that they have always dreamed of! 


If Corridor™ was simply a large display that showed pre-arranged video sources, we would have little differentiation from many vendors. Fortunately, Banyan has revolutionized not only the visualization at the table side, but the entire workflow in the cath lab. For the first time ever, the techs are able to have the same level of visualization from any client PC location in the room. They are empowered with distributed control, which provides the ability to CONTROL ANY CORRIDOR CLIENT FROM ANY OTHER CORRIDOR CLIENT. No longer are staff members relegated to separate touch panels for controlling basic video routing. All functionality is available anywhere they require it. (Key Differentiators)


Through the Corridor™ platform, the entire intra-procedural environment is virtualized to enable everything from the most basic content sharing, to the most state-of-the-art teaching environment.  Interactive viewing tools, annotations and displays allow peers, students, patients and colleagues to share information like never before to ensure absolute understanding. 


Staff Technologists and Nurses have enough on their plate without having to complicate their lives with confusing room setup. Banyan has designed single-button ROOM setup to simplify this process. We do not force you to search through page after page of different templates to setup a single monitor, this is a single-click for the ENTIRE ROOM. In addition, if teaching is a requirement, with the same button you are able to configure REMOTE clients as well! 


The Corridor™ platform is unprecedented with respect to scalability. Should you require a small number of rooms or hundreds of rooms, the technology is able to able to accommodate your needs. Many of our clients start with a single room project, then expand as the need arises. We offer a CATH LAB UPLIFT program to enable our clients to update their existing labs with the Corridor™ technology in order to extend the life of their expensive modalities while staying technically current.