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Whiteboard - Surgical Services

Coordinating surgical resources is one of the most challenging and unpredictable activities in a healthcare setting today—and Banyan's Whiteboard offers a solution for your entire team.

Banyan understands that changes happen suddenly, dozens of times daily, each of which affects the workflow and patient flow and staff satisfaction.  Whiteboard is the solution-- decreasing these workflow-halting issues and more. 

Whiteboard is a revolutionary scheduling, staff assignment, and patient tracking system that allows an organization to optimize their workflow seamlessly. Banyan’s Whiteboard intuitively displays real-time information for all stakeholders to easily see what’s going on at all times within their department.


Whiteboard offers a customizable interface, tailored to each facility and its needs.   Whether you are a surgery center looking to provide your patients with waiting room status updates, a bustling ER department looking to assign staff on-the-fly, or a surgical department looking to assign Anesthesia or improve turnover time--- We have the solution for you.


Whiteboard is a software based solution with non-obsolescence automatically built into its service maintenance.  Our Clinical Applications staff is constantly consulting you on your needs and improving our solutions to uncover new ways to save your facility time and money. Your Whiteboard software will stay up-to-date with the latest version, free of charge.


With Banyan's collaboration technology, staff can be granted access to view and update the status of cases through integrated room camera viewing without leaving their current workspace. All of the information accessible on Whiteboard can be available instantaneously to anyone in the hospital.  In fact, we even offer SMS texting options, automatically updating relevant staff of last minute changes, delays, or cancellations; thus, saving countless pages, phone calls and footsteps within your department.