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Corridor for Preventing Falls

Reducing hospital acquired conditions (HACs) continues to be at the forefront of every administrator's mind, with preventable patient falls being near the top of the list.

Banyan continues to expand the breadth of the Corridor™ care delivery platform by helping our partners reduce the number of patient falls within their organizations. For too long healthcare has relied on one-to-one sitters to prevent falls. This model is unsustainable due to the required staffing and associated expense. Banyan solves this problem by leveraging the power of both Corridor™ and Whiteboard to coordinate and centralize dedicated resources whose sole purpose is to observe patients at risk for falls, while driving a significant financial return for your business.


Through the Corridor™ platform, cameras are able to be visualized not only in the central monitoring area, but also in each individual nursing area. This enables the nurses to visualize patients on their respective unit. At night when staffing ratios can be challenging, the technology provides the access care providers need to adequately cover their area(s). 


Banyan leverages the significant investments our partners have made in their nurse call systems to streamline communication not only to the patient, but to the individuals directly responsible for that patient's care. 


In addition, the Banyan Whiteboard solution provides the centralized monitoring technicians a simple way to track the "who, what, when and why"  each patient is under observation. Obviously each of our partners have unique workflow with respect to the process of placing a patient under camera observation. Whiteboard is able to quickly and easily adapt to an unlimited number of workflow scenarios to enable system-wide line of site into operations. 


The Corridor™ platform is unprecedented with respect to scalability. Should you require a small number of rooms or hundreds of rooms, the technology is able to able to accommodate you. In addition, many of our partners will initially deploy the fall prevention solution in a limited number of rooms and quickly scale as their needs change. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly and cost-effectively scale as you need to. 

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