"Banyan's creative approach helps the Operating Room team focus less on the equipment and more on the patient. The entire Banyan team has been easy to work with and very responsive to any requests.

In these economically challenging times, we received more for our dollar and were able to provide a more fully integrated OR."

Lynn Crowley
Director, Surgical Services
Alegent Health Mercy Medical Center

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"Perspectives" from Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska on implementing Corridor for Surgical Services. Read more >>


Article courtesy of Saint Elizabeth RMC.

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"We chose Banyan because their solution allowed for real-time, touch screen interaction with multiple applications simultaneously. No other vendor has accomplished this functionality in the market.  We are able to save countless, valuable minutes to ensure the most effective use of our resources."

Gale Wynia
Radiology Director
Sanford USD Medical Center

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Corridor - Surgical Services


Within the four walls of the operating suite, Corridor™ brings all of your devices (regardless of the manufacturer), IT applications, video controls, audio controls and customized content into a single, intuitive user interface. For the first time ever a user is able to view the status of the patient/case, document within an IT system, alter the content of other displays and interactively collaborate from a single solution! Gone are the days of having to contend with a separate video routing control panel in addition to keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) switches to perform even the most basic workflow. Corridor™ eliminates all of that "noise", enabling you to streamline workflow efficiency. Welcome to 21st century surgical integration!


In addition to the revolutionized workflow within the four walls of the suite, Corridor™ is built for seamless collaboration that enables the true "virtualization" of the environment. In short, you are now able to access the entirety of the suite from across the hall, or across the enterprise. Couple that level of access with the powerful collaborative tools inherent within the Corridor™ platform and you are able to drive significant ROI and productivity. 


When coupled with Banyan's revolutionary enterprise workflow solution known simply as "Whiteboard" the ability to coordinate cross-departmental resources and keep your operations running smoothly is truly unprecedented. Whiteboard is not just a patient tracking board, although that is part of it. Banyan recognized quickly that the EMR vendors are not designing systems around HOW a surgical services department operates, so we took a common sense approach to it. We developed a workflow platform that is able to be completely customized to the individual operations of our clients, saving thousands of daily footsteps and phone calls in the process. 


Corridor™ was designed to adapt and scale to the changing needs of our clients. In many cases, an implementation will begin with a single room, such as a hybrid room, then expand as new projects or use cases arise. The Corridor™ platform spans not only a single room type, but multiple departments and eventually the enterprise. 

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